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On December 11th I looked out the window of the plane and realized this is the moment I knew my life was going to change. Maybe not now, but somewhere in the future I would look back and say this is where it all began. I was selected to go on the Industry Immersion trip to Los Angeles, California with 12 other students in the Communication and Information Science College with Mr. Chicotsky (founder of Industry Immersion) and Dr. Phelps (head of Advertising and PR at Alabama). Industry Immersion is designed for students to meet with Bama Alumn and CEO's of major industries to network and form professional relationships. Once we landed in LA we were thrown in a multi million dollar house on Sunset Blvd. None of us knew each other but we soon became roommates and friends who genuinely value one another. From Freshmen Telecommunication and Film majors to Political Science Grad students, we were a total mix but worked incredibly well together. The trip lasted 4 days but wow it felt like 4 years-in the best way possible. The days consisted of meetings with co-producers of the Office, director of Tosh.0, casting directors, and even startup founders from 8 am to as late as 10 pm. We bonded over excessive amounts of coffee, staying up late helping each other with LinkdIn profiles, resumes, and follow up emails. By the end of the trip I wasn't only thankful for the recent connections I made with Bama Alumn but even more so with these incredibly gifted students. I learned so much from them, the Alabama Alumn, Professor Chicotsky, and Dr. Phelps in this short amount of time. I'm very fortunate to have experienced an Industry Immersion trip with Mr. Chicotsky before he leaves the University this January. He's made this program specifically for students to have access to internships and jobs straight out of college through these connections. He is truly changing students lives. His desire to selflessly give his time and expertise on the importance of networking is beyond inspirational. To know Mr. Chicotsky and experience Industry Immersion is such a privilege and an unforgettable memory.

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